About –Intelecheck.com

Intelecheck was founded with a focus on helping people to find and connect to the right person and stay protected. With increased instances of phone stalking, you need to stay assured that the caller is not a pervert ruining your time and day. We found the best way to keep you protected and that is to build a robust application in the form of a web site that can execute a pretty quick search and find the details pertaining to the number that you have typed in the search box.

Here at Intelecheck the professionals keep an updated database that would help you to get the most detailed information. Our effort to deliver the most comprehensive information has been widely appreciated and it has helped people to protect themselves and their loved ones from unsavory characters. By retrieving the details of the caller you can confront him or her and challenge them effectively.

Intelecheck.com, intelecheck
Intelecheck.com, intelecheck

Providing a reliable resource to view details of shady characters and sex offenders in your neighborhood through multiple zip codes search has been our area of forte. You may thus view a map of different types of offenders in your area while searching their records and protect your neighbors and loves ones. We not just provide names and locations but also other details such as photos, detailed offenses, maps, and descriptions. Our web site helps you to find people, locate their address and connect. The information in our database not only protects you from criminals but also helps you verify business and personal identities.

This is an ideal way of safeguarding and protecting your loved ones. For addition assistance you may call the customer service team.

Customer Service

Call our customer service team at 1.855-575-0537


Mon – Fri: 6am – 6pm PST

Sat: 8am – 3pm PST


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